My First Year As A Flight Attendant

Let me first tell you, you WILL contemplate your job choice. It WILL be difficult, and you will wonder if being a flight attendant is right for you. If you can overcome all of these obstacles. You’ll have an amazing time in the sky.

How I came to the decision to apply to be a flight attendant:

I got a degree in a major that has a lot of competition. I majored in Communications in Entertainment and Tourism and so badly wanted to be in the entertainment business. It is still a goal of mine, but something I will hopefully merge with my flying career later in life. In the Summer of 2016, (my worst year to date, when people say its depressing after you graduate let me tell you that is the DAMN TRUTH) I was applying to everywhere you can imagine. I was applying to dream jobs, jobs I didn’t really care about, and jobs I had no business applying for, just to get into the company that I wanted to work for. After months and months of a whole lot of nothing, my boyfriends mom told me I should apply for the airlines. It was always something I thought about, but not something I thought I would ever actually do. Part of me felt I was giving up on my dreams of working in the entertainment business. When I look back at that though, when am I going to get the experience to travel all over the world for FREE? Then I decided that my dreams to work in entertainment can still happen and I want to travel while I’m young.

The hiring process:

I’m not going to bore you with ALL the details so if you have any more questions, just leave me a little somethin’ somethin’. I applied back in August of 2016. I kind of did it on a whim. I was going through a lot in my life and just felt like I needed a change. Something that would completely take me out of my comfort zone. I’ve always lived at home and commuted to college, so I thought becoming a flight attendant would give me the independence that I needed. The whole process from applying to landing the job took a month! A lot quicker than I was expecting. After submitting my application it took a week and a half to get my video interview and you have a whole 5 DAYS to complete it. So I submitted my video and heard nothing for 2 weeks. I was starting to lose some hope. On that 15th day is when I saw that beloved e-mail. YOU GOT YOUR FACE-TO-FACE interview! Before I knew it I was flying to San Francisco for free and beginning my journey. I got the job on the spot and I’ve never been so relieved in my life. Imagine flying all the way to San francisco and not getting the job, now thats a feeling I could live without. It would be 6 months until I actually started the job…

The dreaded 6 weeks of training… dun dun dun…

Training was difficult from the start. HOW WOULD I PACK FOR 6 WEEKS! Honestly that already gave me so much anxiety. That was just the tip of the ice berg. Next it was finding out who your roommate was. Luckily I had an amazing roommate (SHOUTOUT KATY). Overall I have to say training wasn’t as terrifying as I was making it out to be. If I can give you one piece of advice. It would be to NOT leave your ID, passport, and social security card in the copying machine at FedEx. Yes, I did leave those items and yes someone did take them. If you’re wondering if that possibly made it a little difficult to focus during class you would be CORRECT (*internally cries*). It wasn’t a sad ending though, the man who found it found me on Facebook and returned my identity back to me. YAY FOR GOOD PEOPLE. Three tips for surviving training. 1. Study. 2. Don’t hook up with other people 3. Don’t leave your whole identity at FedEx. Now just follow those three steps and you’ll be golden.

My time in the skies so far:

I have a love-hate relationship with my job. One day I’m laying on the beaches of Hawaii thinking everything in life is grand and the next I’m quick called at 3am after only getting an hour of sleep and I get a 30 hr. layover in Fresno. You know how people say they love to be spontaneous? Well then this job is for you because your life is just one big question mark! I feel like I needed that because life can become so routine. I got really lucky to be based only an hour flight away from home (#BLESSED). That makes it pretty easy for me to go home often. I am lucky to have an amazing boyfriend and family who go out of their way to pick me up and drop me off at the airport all the time, and even come with me on some of my layovers! Having that support has been crucial in my career. With this job I feel like I have purpose. I get to live out my dream that I never even knew I had.


  • Getting based somewhere you don’t want to live. In training they ask about 782 times if you’re willing to relocate.
  • The crashpad life. When I tell friends I live with 40 other people, I guess you can say they’re a little amused. Why!? Is living with 40 other people not normal?!
  • Reserve life. Standby life. No explanation needed.
  • Pantyhose
  • Being away from family and friends. This has been my biggest struggle.


  •  I have had the privilege of going on vacation almost every single month for little to nothing! Shanghai, Hawaii, Florida(to name a few) and in a few weeks I’ll be going on a cruise through Europe! My main goal though was to see every corner of The United States and I’ve enjoyed the layovers of places I never even thought to visit.
  • Once you have a line you can work as little or as much as you would like! VERY flexible job.
  • Meeting new people on every trip!
  • Feeling boujee AF when you get a first class seat.

Dream high.


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